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Anthem Blue Cross- Medicare Supplement Plan F High Deductible

Plan F High Deductible covers your Part B deductible, Medicare Part B Excess Charges and emergency care during foreign travel.  
If you choose the high-deductible option on Medicare Supplement Plan F, you have to pay a deductible of $2,000 for 2010 before the plan pays anything. The deductible amount can change each year. Please keep in mind that while high-deductible policies have lower premiums, if you become sick, you could have higher out-of-pocket costs until you reach the annual deductible.  
With a Plan F High Deductible Medicare Supplement Plan, Anthem Blue Cross will pay for some or all of the following (please see the Outline of Coverage for the specifics of each plan): 
Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles
The 20 percent coinsurance for physician services
Excess fees for physicians who take Medicare but don’t accept the Medicare approved amounts as full payment
Health care from any doctor or hospital in the United States who is a Medicare-approved provider
Emergency health care you may need if you travel outside the United States
Medicare Supplement Plans shield you from the unexpected  
Without a Medicare Supplement Plan, sometimes referred to as a Medigap plan, health care costs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars. 
Upon reaching Medicare-eligibility, many people have found that while Medicare provides basic health care coverage, it’s not always enough. 
Medicare Part A provides hospital insurance, yet it does not cover the benefit period deductible or the coinsurance required for hospital care.
Medicare Part B has an annual deductible and typically covers only 80 percent of Medicare’s approved amount for medical care.
We offer a range of Medicare Supplement products so whether you just want to supplement the basics or want to ensure you have a wide range of supplemental coverage, we have a plan that will work for you. What each plan covers is summarized here; please see the Outline of Coverage document on this page for more details.  


Medicare Supplement Benefits
Anthem Medicare Supplements Cover
Plan A  
Plan F  
Plan F High Deductible1 
Plan G 
Plan N 
Medicare Part A Coinsurance plus coverage for 365 additional days after Medicare benefits end.  
Medicare Part B Coinsurance
Blood (First Three Pints) and
Hospice (under Part A Coinsurance)
Skilled Nursing Facility Care Coinsurance 
Medicare Part A Deductible 
Medicare Part B Deductible 
Medicare Part B Excess Charges 
Foreign Travel Emergency 
NOTE: If you are under 65 and qualify for Medicare due to disability, your choice of plans may be limited. See the Outline Of Coverage for available plans. 
1 You must pay for Medicare-covered costs up to the high-deductible amount ($2,000 in 2010) before your Medicare Supplement policy pays anything. 
2 100% Part B coinsurance, except up to $20 copayment for office visit and up to $50 copayment for ER. 
A benefit period begins on the first day you receive service as an inpatient in a hospital and ends after you have been out of the hospital and have not received skilled care in any other facility for 60 days in a row. 
When your Medicare Part A hospital benefits are exhausted, the insurer stands in the place of Medicare and will pay whatever amount Medicare would have paid for up to an additional 365 days as provided in the policy’s “Core Benefits.” 
During this time the hospital is prohibited from billing you for the balance based on any difference between its billed charges and the amount Medicare would have paid.  



Antthem Blue Cross now offers even more affordable choices for supplementing your Medicare coverage…the Senior SmartChoice and SmartChoice PLUS Plans.

SmartChoice is a low plan premium, high deductible F plan with a generic prescription drug benefit.* It offers the comprehensive coverage of our most popular Medicare supplement plan, Senior Classic F, after you meet the annual plan deductible of $1,730. With SmartChoice, you have the freedom to use the doctor of your choice, including over 40,000 Prudent Buyer® physicians and specialists.

Once Medicare has paid its portion and you pay the annual plan deductible, SmartChoice provides coverage for the following:

  • Part A $ -- deductible.
  • Part B $ --- Deductible (when using a Participating Provider)
  • Hospital Coinsurance
  • 365 Additional Hospital Days (After Medicare Benefits End)
  • 3 Pints of Unreplaced Blood
  • Part B Coinsurance
  • Part B Excess Charges
  • Skilled Nursing Facility Coinsurance (first 100 days)
  • Foreign Travel Emergency Coverage (separate $250 deductible applies)

SmartChoice Preferred provides all the benefits of the SmartChoice Plan, plus the following benefits (not subject to the annual plan deductible):

  • Physician office visits with just a $5 copay when using a Blue Cross Participating Prudent Buyer Physician**
  • Vision care benefits, including prescription eyeglass lenses and frames, through Vision Service Plan
  • Chiropractic services for Medicare approved manual manipulation of the spine to correct subluxation with a $10 office visit copay
  • Coverage for Medicare Part B Deductible when using a Participating Prudent Buyer Physician

SmartChoice PLUS combines the benefits of our SmartChoice plan with additional coverage for home health care, home support services and nursing facility care. SmartChoice PLUS is available to qualified applicants age 65 to 75 who are enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare.

Plans that include a deductible like SmartChoice generally offer a lower monthly premium, and could save you money.

See the Easy Guide to the Rates to determine what your monthly premium will be, and then contact Blue Cross of California or your Authorized Blue Cross of California Agent to enroll or to request more information about the SmartChoice Plan.

These plans are intended only for people age 65 or older, who are enrolled in both Parts A and B of Medicare.

*No annual maximums, not subject to the $1,730 annual plan deductible, limited to generic formulary prescription drugs only. $12 copayment at participating retail pharmacies or $15 copayment through the Mail Order Program.
**$5 copay applies to the specific procedural codes and charges for the physician office visit only. Services not considered part of the "office visit" include, but are not limited to: x-rays, laboratory work, surgery and any other medical services performed in the office.

* Covered when you use a Participating Prudent Buyer Provider with just a $5 office visit co-pay.

** Covered only when you use a Participating Prudent Buyer Provider.

*** You pay just a $5 copay per office visit, up to a maximum of $110 per

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